Monday, September 28, 2009


The Oil painting painted on24"x36" canvas by M.Bhatt
The Original painting is on sale

sale price : $ 300

Please contact for original and any size print

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The story of Hindu holy book Ramayan,when Rama,Lakshaman and Sitaji punished for twelve years of forest life in simple way,In the forest they have to cross the Ganges River,and they ask Kevat the owner of boat,he denied and only way agree to wash his legs before enter in his boat,because he knew Rama is a holy man and was real happen a stone turn in Woman(Ahalya) by touching his foot,so he doesn't want to take a chance with his boat(support of live) ,Rama agree with him,after washing Rama's legs,Kevat cross them to the other bank of ganges with his boat.

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