Thursday, October 2, 2008


Oil painting,Original,Painted by M.Bhatt
On 20"x16" canvas is ON SALE
Sale price $200 for original painting
Sale price $30 for 20"x16" size print
Please contact For original and any size Prints,
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In the history of Hinuism He was the great poet and great Bhakta(devotee) of Lord Krishna,He was social fighter,in his time ,untouchable not allow to mix with high society,but he wentwith untouchable and did bhakti of lord krishna,and give them new name Harijan(Man of The God)After that higher society hate him lot,He was Brahmin of upper cast,He wrote many Devotee songs for Lord krishna,His songs sung by many singers and still singing.


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Om Painting by M.Bhatt said...

original 16"x20 oil on canvas is
now avilable $200+shipping
please contact on for original and prints.